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- The Bonding -

I am standing in the garden
Watching the sun set on the horizon
Wondering if this will be the night
That you will come to me
Wishing to feel your gaze locked with mine
Your arms holding me
Your lips in my hair

And as I stand there I can feel
The heat of your eyes upon me
And turning our eyes meet and hold
We can see the warmth and the desire
As our minds and souls bond as one
And our hearts pound in anticipation

Your eyes draw me to you
Your arms engulf me
Pulling me closer and closer
Until our bodies are touching
You lower your lips to mine
And our kiss tells of our love

A love that flames into passion
A love that has endured all time
A love that is stronger than ever
A love that will sustain us
A love that will nourish us
Through all eternity

For I am yours
And you are mine

by Linda Muise