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Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Any woman, from her first menstrual period until menopause, can suffer from PMS. It's estimated that 40% of all women have some degree of PMS in their lives and over 150  different symptoms are associated with it. Symptoms are both physical and emotional and usually occur 7-10 days before menstruation and disappear once the mentrual flow starts. It occurs at about the same time every month, and the same symptoms seem to appear. It's this predictable reoccurance of symptoms which is most significant in diagnosing the syndrome.

Emotional Symptoms Physical Symptoms

migraine headaches

anxiety fainting
depression seizures
panic attacks breast tenderness
food cravings joint pain
forgetfulness acne
feelings of hostility and anger fatigue


Treatment involves relieving the sypmtoms and, when possible, correcting the cause. You do have some control over your body's response to the menstrual cycle.




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